• National Recognition for practice and ministry excellence with ethical integrity.
  • Receive a handsome BCLC Professional Certificate noting membership affiliation, core BCLC credential, and any earned specialty designations – suitable for framing and public presentation.
  • Be able to use the BCLC Credential Designation and Logo publically on business cards, letterheads, and in all professional communications.
  • Preferred Listing in the Christian Care Network as well as the AACC Resource Directory (available to the public through both the AACC call center and the official AACC and BCLC Websites) and Preferred Seating at all AACC conferences and events.
  • Be a part of the AACC’s and BCLC’s growing effort to promote a high standard of excellence and ethics within the church, the Christian coaching community, media, universities and national ministries.
  • Receive opportunities and benefits (professional, insurance, financial, etc.) as the BCLC contracts with various groups.
  • Have “Members Only” news and resources delivered monthly via electronic media and in print and help develop and influence BCLC policies and initiatives.
  • Receive Priority Attention in legal-ethical consultation and advocacy.
  • Twelve (12) Free Continuing Education Hours every two years.
  • Receive Special Discounts on selected regular AACC products, CE programs, training events, and AACC conferences.


Our mission is to serve Christian counselors, coaches, caregivers and crisis response providers throughout the world and to create a viable and comprehensive Christian Care Network as a resource to connect those who provide help with those who are hurting.